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 Silentb's Gm Application

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PostSubject: Silentb's Gm Application   Silentb's Gm Application Icon_minitimeSat Aug 02, 2008 12:00 am

1.Real name: Bogdan Berci
2.Age: 20
3.Location: Resita,Romania
4.Main Character: Silentb

5.Do you have experience with GM commands?
Yes,i do have experience with the gm commands.I know almost every command.

6.Do you have any previous Gm experience?
Yes i do.I was a gm on 4 world of warcraft servers,including Bullzyard:
1. DragonReUnited
2. UltimaWoW
3. Resident-Storm WoW Server
4. Bullzyard 2.3.3

7.What would you like to do once you join our GM community?
I will read and resolve tickets.I will maybe do some events once in a while.I will entertain the community by doing some fun events(PvP Events,Race Events,Boss Events etc.).I will help the players in-game and on the forum with possible issues.And last but not least,i will keep an eye on hackers and possible exploiters.

8.What's your time zone?
My time zone is GMT+2

9.How much time do you spend playing?
I will ensure you that i will be very active and i will be online for 7-8 hours/day.

10.What's the reason for applying for a Gm position?
The gm job is like a job in real life for me.Everything works the same,but im doing my job with pleasure and im glad to be able to help the Bullzyard community as much as i can.

If i will get the job,i would like the community to know that i will do my duty everyday.

Yours Faithfully,
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Silentb's Gm Application
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