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 Piffz's Gm Application[Old Bullzyard Gm]

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Piffz's Gm Application[Old Bullzyard Gm] Empty
PostSubject: Piffz's Gm Application[Old Bullzyard Gm]   Piffz's Gm Application[Old Bullzyard Gm] Icon_minitimeFri Aug 01, 2008 11:14 am

Im so happy to see bullzyard back up and i will apply for a gm position again.

1. What is your main in-game name?

2. How old are you?

3. Where do you live?
I live in Romania and i speak fluent english.

4. Have you played Retail WoW and if so, for how long?
Yes i did play retail for 2-3 months but then i realized that private servers are a good alternative.

5. What are your normal playing time(s)?
I usually play from 7 PM untill 2 AM.My timezone is GMT+2

6. Have you had previous experience as a gamemaster?

6a. If so where and how long?
I used to be a Gm on the following servers:
-Lunarions Shock Cells-Burning Crusade,Mangos server--2 weeks
-Tecsomanu's WoW Server-Burning Crusade-Ascent server--1 month
-Noxxamar Funserver-Normal WoW-WoWEmu server-- 2 months
-Noxxamar Tbc-Burning Crusade-Ascent Server-- 3 months
-UltraWoW-Normal WoW-WoWEmu server-- 1 month
-WoWUltimate-Burning Crusade-Ascent/Antrix server-- 1 and a half month
-Bullzyard 2.3.3-Burning Crusade-Ascent server--Since the server was up untill it went down
-WoWM8-Burning Crusade-ArcEmu server--2 months

7. Tell us a little about yourself.
Im Allen,i live in a small city from Romania,im currently in High-School at the mathematics and informatics section.I like playing football(soccer) and computer games.

8.Explain why you think you would be a good Bullzyard GM.
Because I can give general or technical support through tickets and forums.I can solve harassment, insults, and racism issues.I can help new players learn the game, i can moderate the in game chat channels for a better wow experience and i will keep the server clean from hackers/exploiters and rule breakers

9 What interests you most about the GM position?
Im interested in helping the players out with their issues.

Best regards from,
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Piffz's Gm Application[Old Bullzyard Gm]
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