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 A few bug reports

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A few bug reports Empty
PostSubject: A few bug reports   A few bug reports Icon_minitimeTue Aug 05, 2008 6:21 am

Blink spell makes you fly forward 20 yard.
Mobs aggro through walls in deadmines
Mobs fly after you in leveling road if you run up the stairs
Mana and health regen is very low
The skill NPC is bugged.
Gold can be gained from selling Tier 7 over and over again.
Gold resets once it hits 200k or so.
Sometimes when attacking a mob the mob stands there then appears in front of you and you loose health from the hits that it would have made when it wasnt standing there.
staff of the bat is upside down when on a characters back.
Server command states type /g .unstuck, .unstuck only needs to be typed.

Thats about all the bugs i can think of.
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A few bug reports
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