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 Selina GM APP

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PostSubject: Selina GM APP   Selina GM APP Icon_minitimeFri Aug 01, 2008 1:45 am

Hello My name is Nico

Age: 15

Residence: Germany

Skills: German and English not so good

i have 1 1/2 year's GM Experience

I play are already more than 3 years WoW and I going to you by a friend who said that the server is really cool

i have 1 1/2 year's GM Experience

Since but I looked over the same ma and you jump on the first day a magician made lvl 105

I thank you why GM wants:

So I see it not so great that it now needs help you can get that very well in the attacked
Despite so much their own Items

Im good in the Support

So if you liked my idea then writes me to have game:

Selina or Schiggi

MFG m2us

That is the power of Google translator
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Selina GM APP
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