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 Pinkie's apply!

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Pinkie's apply! Empty
PostSubject: Pinkie's apply!   Pinkie's apply! Icon_minitimeFri Aug 01, 2008 1:02 am

Personal Info
Name: Jasper
Age: 17
Nationality: Dutch
Languages: Dutch, German, English

Game Info

Account name: Manuron
Ingame chars: Pinkie
Ventrillo name: Raku

Game (GM) history
My first experience with WoW was when I was 15, I started playing on live realms and I kept on playing until two weeks ago. While I was playing on live realms, I was also active on private servers. I joined a server called RoWoW and have been GM there for 1 year until it got down. I also played on serveral other private realms and been GM for some while, but most time it was a lagging server or something, so I quitted with it. Then I decided to create my own server, it was running on ascent and had like 250 members, not that much, but atleast they were active and around +/- 10-15 people around at every time of the day (except nights). Then I downed the server because I couldnt afford it anymore to keep it up, and it was too noisy and used to much power. After that server I joined OZana World. There were over 1500 active members then, and I appeard to be able to help players very well and fixed a lot of bugs overthere, so I became GM there aswell, but unfortunatly the server was downed by blizzard at the top of its carreer with over 2000 active members. After that I played a while on RWTL where I became #2 gm and scripter, I was like the 'second in command' but after some Downtime and lagspikes it didnt return, allthough I still have the list with registered emails!

I'm an active, well experienced GM, and I think I can help the server and its players by doing some ingame/scripting work. I think I can save the other two GMs a lot of work Wink I'm also an active forum writer!

Online Times

In the morning (6;00-7;00)
Afternoon (16;00-18;00)
Evening (19;00-22;30)

These times extend most times, but sometimes I cant be online on the given times, but I will let you know then
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Pinkie's apply!
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