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Dude..! Where's my mount ???
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PostSubject: GAY ASS SERVER   GAY ASS SERVER Icon_minitimeSun Aug 03, 2008 8:57 am

If you guys really want your own fuckin server then have your own fuckin content not someone's that you have hacked you stupid fucks. So for now you guys are the biggest dumb fucks that i have saw in a pretty long ass time. You have stole most of your shit on the server which sucks now cause its on your server and everyone on it sucks big dick. The website was probably stolen too from someone not sure who tho but it suck's big dick to. So this server is pretty much shit cause you have to fuckin steal your content to your server which is pretty sad that you have to cause you cant make your own content which isnt that hard you dumb fucks cause if i can do it then anyone can do it its not that hard you know its called you can ponder around with your server before you open it to anyone to play on it. So this server is going to be in a shit hole in a few days anyway cause you going to be hacked you fuckin noobs. GO PLAY ON A REAL SERVER FUCKTARDS!
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